The Beginning

As an OIF/OEF Air Force Veteran and surgical nurse, Sara has experienced some of the struggles that so many Veterans are having when returning from deployment(s). After struggling with PTSD and later losing her husband to cancer, she discovered the healing power of working with nature, and in 2012 started her farm: Blue Yonder Organic Farm.

During the time her husband was fighting cancer, they heavily researched the role of nutrition and healing power of a diet based on healthy foods. By incorporating vegetables, fruits, healthy meats, nuts, and whole grains into a person’s diet, studies have shown that many medical conditions can be slowed or even reversed. As she began to garden and transition to eating these foods, she began to realize that farming, in addition to producing healthy food, is a powerful way to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Suddenly, she realized that her farm could be a part of something much greater than just personal healing.

Over the last few years, the farm has expanded to include pastured meats (chicken, turkey, and duck), produce, orchard fruit, eggs, and honey. In 2015, the farm added shiitake mushroom and maple syrup production. Sara and the farm are actively committed to helping fellow military Veterans. Through on the farm training and work with the Indiana chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, Sara is helping other military veterans discover profitable small scale agricultural businesses while promoting healing through working with nature.