Organic Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

****Please note we will no longer be doing chicken production for 2018 so stock up on the last of the chicken****

Our superstar meat here at Blue Yonder Organic Farm. Pop a whole chicken in the oven with some spices and pull out the perfect meal guaranteed to make you taste buds sing! Forget worrying about all the news on chicken houses- none of that here. These birds are grown outdoors on green pastures, supplemented with certified organic (always non-GMO) freshly ground local feed. Enjoy as a main course, soups, or just some wings on the grill.


Whole Chickens are $5.00/lb and are available at both of our Winter Farmers Markets in Carmel and Normandy Farms

  • Boneless, skinless breasts  $9.50/lb        2/pkg
  • Tenders- $9.50/lb           1 lb pkg
  • Wings- $4.50/lb             10 wings/pkg
  • Leq Quarters- $5.50/lb    3 quarters/pkg
  • Hearts- $4.00/lb            2 lb pkg
  • Livers- $4.00/lb             2 lb pkg
  • Chicken Frames- $2.00 each              




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